Getting Started with Taglio Secure Browser

The Taglio Secure browser is a separate browser application that has been specifically designed to work with Taglio TSC.  This means that this browser connects directly to Taglio TSC without having to set any proxy configuration settings.  If you install Taglio Secure Browser, it will replace the internal Taglio TSC Mini-Browser, and Taglio TSC will launch the Taglio Secure Browser instead of the internal Minibrowser,  This article takes you through how to use Taglio Secure Browser.


Installing Taglio Secure Browser

Taglio Secure Browser requires Taglio TSC integration kit for Android. Download Secure Browser and TSC from the Google Play Store here. (or search for Taglio llc on the Playstore search page).

Install Taglio TSC and set the security profile you need to connect (see "Getting Started with Taglio TSC") 

Install Taglio Secure Browser.  Start the app, and click on a bookmark, or enter the URL of a web site. (to test, you can connect to


If you are connecting to a website that requires a client certificate, you will see the following dialog promting you to connect the reader, and to select the certificate:


Connect your reader and select the certificate. The dialog should now look similar to this:


Click OK. The Enter PIN Dialog will come up:


Enter your smart card PIN and click OK. The secure web page will display.


To check the status of the smart card and reader, you can select the "Smart Card Status" menu item directly from the Secure browser menu:


This will bring up the Smart Card Status dialog.


If an error occurs that is related to the user certificate authentication, you may see the following screen:


Typically you can resolve the problem by making sure the reader is connected, and the card is inserted.  Then click the "Refresh" page link or button, and the "Select Certificate" dialog will come up.










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