Getting Started with Taglio TSC

This article was modified on 5/20/2014. This Article describes the installation and setup process of Taglio TSC for Android.  


  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • USB Host Support (for attaching the contact smart card reader) or NFC support for contact-less card.
  • Compatible card: Taglio C2, PIV, CAC, DMDC test card.


To test we recommend you install both Taglio TSC and Taglio Secure browser. You can find both apps on the Google Play Store here . (or go to the play store and search for Taglio LLC).  Install both apps.



Testing with the Demo Profile

By default, TSC Test is set up with a demo profile that uses an emulated smart card. We recommend that you test out TSC with this emulated cards before trying out a real smart card. This will allow you to identify installation issues.

 test 121.png

Check that the emulated smart card reader and card are loaded.  Select one of the Secure Web Sites (bookmarks). Then click "Go To Secure Web Site". This will bring up the PIN Entry Screen.


 Enter the Pin:  "0000".

You should now see the Taglio TSC Demo Server.  If you have installed the Taglio Secure Browser, TSC will launch this browser automatically. Otherwise the site will be shown on the built-in mini-browser.

test 114.png

 Setting a Profile

Now you are ready to set the security profile for your specific card. Bring up the Taglio TSC menu and select "Security Profiles".

Important: You MUST shut down Taglio Secure Browser and any other apps using Taglio TSC before changing the Security profile.


Select one of the standard profiles, or enter a "profile code".


Click the "Set Security Profile" button, and click the back button to return to the main page.

Check that the new security profile is active. If not, you must restart Taglio TSC and all apps that make use of it 9such as Taglio Secure Browser).

You are now ready to test your cards with the servers in your security profile.


Also see the "Getting Started with Taglio Secure Browser" article.

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