Using TSC with a Chrome, Opera, Dolphin and apps that use the system proxy settings

If you want to use external browsers that use the default system proxy, such as Chrome, Dolphin, or Boat browser, you need to configure the Proxy settings for the network connection you will be using. When an external browser connects to a domain in the Managed Connections list, Taglio TSC will establish the secure connection using the connected smart card.

For browsers and apps that have their own proxy settings (such as FireFox and Opera), see the articles on those specific apps.

Select "Advanced Settings" from the menu, and select "Enable External Browsers".


Using the "Enable Proxy for Active Network Connection" Button

If you are using Android version 4.2.1 or earlier, you can use the automatic proxy settings button on the Settings dialog. Open Settings from the menu. If you have Android Version 4.2.2 or higher, you must manually set the proxy.

Manual WIFI Proxy Configuration

Open the WIFI settings under the Wireless and Network tabs in the Android Settings Dialog.

Click and hold the WIFI connection you want to set the proxy for.

Choose Modify Network

Click "Show Advanced Options"

Set the Proxy Settings to Manual

Enter Proxy Hostname:

Proxy Port:1960

Keep IP settings to DHCP.

Manual Cellular Data Proxy Configuration

Note: Not all cellular providers allow users to set the proxy.

Go to Settings/Wireless & Networks/More…

Select  “Access Point Names”.

Select the operator.

Under Proxy, set “”. Under  Port set “1960”

Other Issues

Taglio TSC does NOT connect to an external proxy server. Instead it allows apps on your device to connect to the Taglio TSC  app on your device. is the IP address of your local device, and port 1960 is the port Taglio TSC listens to for proxy connection.

You need to set the proxy for every separate network connection you are using. So if you are using a WLAN connection at home, and one at work, you will have to set the proxy for each.

Some Cellular Operators, such as Verizon, may block you from setting the proxy on the cellular data connection.  T-Mobile and ATT do allow you to set the proxy on the Cellular connection.

Not all apps use the default connection proxy settings. Firefox , for example, uses its own proxy settings.

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