Firefox Browser

This functionality has been confirmed on Firefox for Andoid v36.0.1


Go to "about:config". Search for "proxy.http".

Set the "network.proxy.http" to

Set "network.proxy.http_port"   to 1960.

Go to "about:config". Search for "no_proxies".

Clear the "network.proxy.no_proxies_on"

(by default this is "localhost,")


See the example below:



Using Firefox

Firefox does not allow for import of the Taglio Secure Connect trusted root certificates. When you first connect to a secure site, you will see a "This Connection is Untrusted"  message. This means only that Firefox cannot verify the Taglio Secure Connect certificate. Trust with the secure server is still managed through Taglio Secure Connect.

Click on "I Understand the Risks" and then on "Add permanent exception".


After this, you can access the site, and the security certificate will show something like the following:




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