Unblocking the card with vSEC_CMS

When a user has entered the wrong PIN too many times, the smart card will block. The card can be unblocked using vSEC_CMS and the Admin Key. 

This can also be used to reset a user PIN if the user has forgotten the user PIN. 

To unblock the smart card with vSEC_CMS select "Card Actions" from the main screen and then choose the "Online Unblock" icon.


Make sure a card serial number is present in the "Card Serial number" text field.

Click the "Get" button. This gets a challenge from the card.

Note: Do not remove the card or use the card with any other application or the reset will fail and a new challenge will have to be requested.

Enter the new user PIN, and confirm the new user PIN.

Click the "Unblock" button.

The next screen requires you to enter the Admin Key. The Admin Key is used to calculate a cryptographic response to the challenge provided by the card. Enter the Admin Key for this specific card, and click "Calculate Cryptogram".


When successful, the result is as followed:


When unsuccessful, the result is as followed. Confirm that you are using the correct Admin key.  


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