Introduction to the vSEC:CMS utility

Advanced smart card management systems are available from multiple vendors, and the Taglio C2 minidriver supports many of them.

No matter what specific tools you use to manage the card, there are several card management tasks that are required to securely and effectively issue and use a smart card. These include changing the Admin Key, setting the PIN and unblocking the PIN. You can implement these basic card management tasks with Windows and the vSEC:CMS utility.

vSEC:CMS is a card management system developed by Versatile Security Sweden AB ( vSEC:CMS does not require you to set up a server. This makes it well suited for use in smaller rool-outs. You can download the free basic vSEC:CMS client from the Taglio download page.

vSEC:CMS can be used to register and manage multiple cards. The free version allows for up to 5 cards to be managed. However, you can also manually manage any number of cards using the Card Actions� functionality.

Note: We recommend you use the vSEC:CMS utility with only a single smart card reader to ensure you do not change the incorrect card.



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