Troubleshooting Cards with vSEC:CMS

Trouble Shooting using vSEC:CMS.

Using vSEC:CMS you can trouble shoot various problems.  You can download the vSEC CMS client application from the download page on the Taglio website.

Open the application:


Click on the "card actions" button.



The application will open to the "Unblock User Smart Card" tab. Click on the right most tab.


If the active Smart Card Reader selector is not populated, then vSEC:CMS cannot connect to the card. Check the following:

  • The smart card reader is attached and usable
  • The smart card is inserted
  • The Taglio Minidriver is installed

If there is no card minidriver listed, then there may be a problem with the minidriver installation. Check you have installed the latest version of the minidriver.

If a minidriver is listed,  but there is no Card Serial number, there may be a problem with the card initialization. Contact Taglio for help.

If there is a minidriver listed, click on the minidriver name.


The pop up windows should display the name of the minidriver dll, and the version number.

Click the “Certificate” tab to check which certificates are actually on the card.


Scroll to the right to see the container name associated with the certificate keys. If the certificate  has been directly enrolled from Microsoft CA, the container name contains the template name.



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