Installing the C2 Minidriver

Many companies manage access to PCs and do not allow the user to install a security sensitive device such as a smart card. These companies can use the Taglio installer. You can download the latest version of the Taglio Minidriver Installer from the Taglio web site:

Inside the ZIP file you will find the installer executable. The name of the executable reflects the version of the Driver as such: taglio-xxx.exe, where xxx is the version of the drivers. For example, "taglio-524" is version 5.2.4.


To install, run the executable.


 Depending on the system you are installing on, you will see one or two installation options. The Taglio Minidriver installation does a direct installation of the drivers on your system.  On Windows 7, Server 2008 and Windows 8 and above, you will also have the option to (pre)install the Plug and Play drivers. By default you should select both options.


 Click "Install"to start the installation process.


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