Custom Installation flags and options

Taglio Installer EXE

The latest Taglio Driver Installation Executable can be downloaded from the Taglio Download Page. This article provides information on the installer and how to configure the installation.

Inside the ZIP file is the latest version, taglio-xxx.exe, where xxx is the version number. For example, taglio-523.exe will install version 5.2.3 of the Taglio installer.

What does the Taglio Installer do?

First of all, the installer uses DPInstall to pre-install the Windows PnP drivers. This is required so that when you insert a new card in Windows 7 and later, the card is recognized as a certified device. The installer also sets certain registry settings to ensure that the latest variations of the Taglio card function correctly.  Specifically the installer adds a range of card identifiers (ATRs) to the smart card list recognized by the windows crypto services. The default installer does not create a program folder.

Installation options

The Taglio Installer Exe is based on the Tarma Installer framework, and comes with extensive installation command line options. Details on these options can be found here:

Several commonly used options are described below:

taglio-xxx.exe /q1

runs the entire install without user intervention, but does display progress dialogs.

taglio-xxx.exe /q2

runs the installer without user intervention or any user interface.

taglio-xxx.exe /log:c://path/to/log.txt

writes the installation log to the specified file (by default, the log is stored in the %TEMP% directory).

Taglio Installer MSI

Taglio recommends using the Installer EXE for large scale deployments. For administrators that are limited to MSI deployments, taglio-xxx.msi is a wrapped version of the Taglio Installer EXE. The functionality is the same, but due to the wrapper, the EXEOPTIONS command line options is required to run the options discussed above with msiexec.

msiexec.exe /q EXEOPTIONS=”/q2″

this will run both the MSI and Taglio specific functions without presenting a user interface

The following is a complete example of an msi installation with logging that can be run with admin privileges:

msiexec.exe /q /l* C:\install\taglio-log.txt /i C:\install\taglio-523.msi EXEOPTIONS=”/q2″
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